carrion comfort

by ezra triste

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released March 5, 2016

joplin rice - voices, instruments, production, cover art

all songs written by joplin rice



all rights reserved


ezra triste

ezra triste writes and records his songs in an attempt to make sense out of all things and has yet to make any real progress. ezra triste is also joplin rice.

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Track Name: dissolve
rise & dissolve
in the bottom of a glass
but not as fast as you would like
then you're there
then you're gone
then you're on & on &

on to the scene
where you left me waiting for
an open door & a wave inside
you were right
don't call & cry
we live tonight
& then we die
Track Name: i've been wrong
i hate the man that i've become
more than anything i've ever loved
the feelings that i'm frightened of won't leave
follow silence like it calls
i can make myself hear anything
hopeful in my suffering at least

but i'm prepared
i'm not waiting i'm not scared
if you want me then you'll have to hold me back
cause i'm not there
just a practiced empty stare
i put on when you don't care or i don't ask
so don't despair if the feeling can't compare
i mean we both know i've been wrong

in the city's waning light
fireworks as cars collide
people hurt & then they find a way
find a way to keep it in
a little room inside your head
'nothing here is leaving yet,' you said
Track Name: drink
it's not your favorite
it is what you make it
it gets the job done
but that don't mean nothing
fall up the riot stairs back home
you could be calling her but don't
that's how she wants it
she knows that shit makes you honest

how could i give up you both now?
i could try
how could i?
i could try

if it's to your liking
i'll just keep on trying
half of me needs to
the other half needs you
fall up the riot stairs into town
when it's all gone they can't keep you down
spend all your money
cause nothing else better is coming

sit in your room
not much to do...drink 'til you're blue
throw up again
hey ain't life grand when nothing gets through?
i stopped writing home
they'll never know that i lost control
i'm making the best
of what i suspect is all i have left
Track Name: nursery
it sounds so sweet but you know it smells like sin
fingers meet & interlock in unison
around the plastic cup
someone else will fill it up
& keep the shades pulled down
i found out that you found out
baby let's meet underground

writing drunken empty stomach messages to you

take a guess at how much i've forgot
make a mess of all the creatures that you've caught
in the act of holding back
you'll lose all your friends like that
& they're all you talk about
nervous when they're coming down
i found out that you found out

i know we'll never be the family in the nursery
but you can count on me to get lost in the fantasy
i'll come home if you'll play house
i found out that you know how
Track Name: lost parades
stoned to death
lying in her bed
drawn & bled
nothing's wasted then
it could shine
it could turn & bite
in the way she spins
but you won't find me

cause i'm shuffling down streets i named
in dreams i had when i was sick
making way for lost parades
that never seem to end
but they did

shook the heat
so you could follow me
we can talk
i can hear it all
i hope it hurt
& that i never learn
in my skin
i feel you passing through again
but you won't find me

walking down the halls i painted
white so i could lose you in
making way for picture frames
with people i invent
now you're in
now you're in it
Track Name: lilt & sway
lilt & sway in confidence
i can bend away
the sun will rise in self-defense
& then again we'll say:
'we're broken people, stolen, needful,
always in command'

don't take your eyes off it for a moment
it could be gone
call to the keeper
cause nobody's reached her limit yet
it's not that they find you
it's just they remind you in such a strange way
it's not that they take you
it's just that they make you think you don't want to stay
lilt & sway

stand alone in disrepair
i can wear this face
molded by a matching pair
of muddled eyes that say:
'we're honest people grown deceitful
cause that's the only way'
Track Name: moving parts
in her basement there's a chest
she opened it
& it got out
& then got in
through her mouth
then it climbed
up her spine
like a ladder to her mind
this one's mine

but don't say that you'll never walk away
cause you don't know
don't feel like it's over
cause it was never real
it's inside you
but it's never going to find you feeling weak
because your soul
is just your heart without the moving parts
Track Name: nice to say goodbye
i hate getting close
everything's almost
i guess i could stay quiet some other way
don't stay up
i wouldn't have to if you were enough
don't stay home
if there was some other way then i would've known

live with the days that you escape
it could be worse
you could falling all that way
i thought it could work
i've always been cursed with seeing the light
i thought you were wrong & i was right
it's been so nice to say goodbye
for one last time

when i recede
why do you let me?
i guess i could stay quiet some other way
but don't get in
if you were closer then maybe i'd listen
you don't know
the difference in living & keeping your soul

alive with the days that you erase
& hit where it hurts
you could be falling all that way
i thought it could work
i've always been cursed with seeing the light
i thought you were wrong & i was right
it's been so nice to say goodbye
for one last time
Track Name: something with a name
better off staying put
i'll make it my own way
you always said i could
i'm sleeping now for days at a time
but the dreams i have
they ain't mine

so fill me up with something strange
i don't care if it's my heart or it's my brain
so fill me up with something strange
you're not someone
you're just something with a name
i'd do anything to stay the same & keep you too
i love you but i hate this room

nothing's there
no one's scared
it's all right
just thinking:
what you said & what i heard
they can't be the same thing
bullet holes up my arm
i'm the strongest man
who can't command what goes wrong
so long
Track Name: my favorite part
bout time that you showed up
everything is closing & it's dark
your favorite part of the endless days
worked through the hardest part
i guess it wasn't obvious to me
that i could leave anytime i wanted

a good luck kiss
more or less
before or since
i can't say if i was honest then
but it's your destiny:
the rest will be a funny kind of pain
so don't test me
i've been wrestling with this since i could sing

escape's a game i play
to fill in the bad dream in between
when we meet in a calm embrace
bout time i've had enough
but this one could be different, don't you see?
it's not for me
it's for who i think i'm becoming
Track Name: honey throat/in loved
I live in genesis
ecstasy in kind
revelations raised in anger
mentioned in behind the finest blinds
that money still can't buy
you waited all this time
don't you know this is nothing what it looks like?

they broke my spirits in
& raised us far apart
a marriage made in a nest of ravens
bleeding from the holes besides their hearts
that never should have been
they gave them to their children
don't you know this is not how I envisioned it?

in holy paper roses
razor-folded night
undiscovered: hold and hover
just above her empty-throated eyes
paralyzed & prim
waking for the sun again
don't you know this is nothing what it looks like?