birds, or the place where we all find time to die in the moonlight

by ezra triste

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released July 25, 2014

instruments, voice, recording/production by joplin rice

all songs written by joplin rice

recorded may 2014



all rights reserved


ezra triste

ezra triste writes and records his songs in an attempt to make sense out of all things and has yet to make any real progress. ezra triste is also joplin rice.

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Track Name: science is cooler than magic
we fight ourselves
we lose when we win
your problems pale in comparison
to what i'm dragging around

time & time again
i ditch my friends
they know what i'm going through
i wish that i knew too
there are buzzards overhead

self-important shell of
someone else
designs my hell
what if i don't want to get well?
Track Name: nevering
i wear your clothes
it doesn't bring you back
i drive your car
it doesn't bring you back
i try to look all right now
but i could never act
i talk to you
but you never talk back

i quit my job
it didn't bring me back
stopped smoking too
but i just bought a pack
i'd like to die
to see if it's like that
because not knowing where you are
makes me sad
Track Name: prom night
i have birthday cards from relatives
who are dead now floating somewhere with one another
i have pictures with my ex-girlfriend
i don't know why i keep them if i don't love her

but i put them all in a shoebox under my bed
at night sometimes i dream i open it

i have check stubs from last summer's job
& i still want to call my boss & start screaming
i have that shirt you bought for me
i only wear it when i'm lonely & i'm lonely when i breathe
& i'm still breathing

now it's prom night again
like it was when we went two years ago
i want to smile & walk you in & take your hands
& we can dance until it snows
i can tell you how it's been: it's been so hard
i lost my mind, i lost my soul
i'm sorry for my sins: i was a kid
i never meant to act so old
Track Name: die in the moonlight
there, there: we're alive now yet
"but i don't want it," she says
i want this thing out of my chest
i'll leave it on the sidewalk

i'll crawl till i can't
i'll crawl till my knees are bloody red
leave the vultures the rest
but it's only my skin & my bones & regrets
(i gave you the best)

let's leave this liar's bed
"but i don't want to," i said
let's rip this thing out of my chest
(and i hardly knew it)

i've been waiting to feel
got a pocket full of some pills
maybe there's something inside
to help me
Track Name: kayla
everyone has problems
& they're all worse than mine
but sometimes i hurt so bad
i hurt so bad sometimes
my clothes are haunted
by my rattling bones
i feel like smoke through a keyhole
formless & alone

kiss me kayla
kill me closer
kiss me kayla
& wait for the rest of me to show up

i killed a bird today
then i pulled over & cried
we're too immune to circumstance
we're too afraid to die
i don't think i'll shave
because i'm not leaving the house
they hid my razors anyway
but i could figure something out

kiss me kayla
kill me closer
kiss me kayla
& wait for the rest of me to show up